Students are placed in class levels according to their present ability, and their potential to progress within the level during the year through attendance at all scheduled classes. Repetition and consistency are essential to training. Absences, and/or absences that have not been made-up effect a student’s progress.  

If an absence is unavoidable:
Students in Pre-Ballet though Beginner Ballet may make-up missed classes in any class their level or below.  
Level I, II, III, Pre-Pointe, and Beginner Pointe students may also look to the next level up as available for make-up.
Level IV and Senior Division students may use any class as a make-up class. Because these levels  are advised/expected to attend extra classes regularly, keeping up with attendance should never be an issue.
Please report all absences, and the reason for the absence, to 304.886.8398, or eromine@me.com
If an absence has not been reported an email will be sent to inquire about the missed class.
Limitations placed on the student by a physician are respected, but all classes must be made up.

Students who are injured, or ill without fever, but able to observe their class, will be counted as present.

Students with 5 or more un-made up absences
at any time during the term are not eligible to perform.

Students in Senior Division with 5 un-made up absences
will return to the level IV schedule
Once all absences have been made up, giving the student an opportunity to regain their strength and classroom momentum, there will be a discussion as to whether or not returning to their previous schedule is appropriate.

For absences other than unexpected illness, or injury, students are to inform the instructor, and make up the class prior to the absence.

Please note that if the dancer misses rehearsals for any reason, they may be recast.
If a dancer misses a dress rehearsal they will not be allowed to perform.